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Shangrila Home vzw

 SHANGRILA HOME is a project for streetchildren in Kathmandu Nepal. It is founded in and developed by a Belgian woman, Inge Bracke. She lived in Nepal and began by trying to feed the street children of Kathmandu but this was never going to be enough. These children had to sleep in deplorable conditions in the streets of Kathmandu. She started looking for a safe, sheltered place for them to live. This was the beginning of SHANGRILA HOME for street children.

Meanwhile, here in Belgium, a group of friends began collecting money to fund the project.

Presently, SHANGRILA HOME is a fully developed project managed by Wim De Becker, offering more than 75 children a warm home, food, medical care, education and a lot of love and care from the many volunteers who've been working there over the years. All volunteers receive only board and lodging, but it is still a very rewarding experience for all concerned.

The HOME also employs several local people (mainly women) to help with the cooking, laundry, administration and book-keeping.

The children receive extra lessons from the Home teacher, to enable them to go to school and obtain qualifications which will help set them on a better road in life. They also receive further extra help throughout their school education.

The next goal in this project is to help the older children become independent by teaching them a profession and helping them find sustainable work. Workshops currently provide computer and sewing classes. Shangrila Home also has a pottery project, where older children are living and working together and receiving training.



It is hard to contemplate what these children have been through. They have been displaced, abandoned, abused and mistreated. They must be allowed to regain their childhood, which means the right to have a home, to be educated and play together without worry and to feel loved and cared for…



SHANGRILA HOME is a long-term project and depends on the support of the workgroup in Belgium, by fund-raising and by looking for volunteers.

We are always looking for people who would like to make regular donations to the Shangrila account or sponsor a child.

For more information, please contact one of the Shangrila Home workgroup (see contact us for details). Other once-only contributions are of course also welcome and these can be paid directly into the Shangrila Home Project bank account (again, see overleaf).

If you would like to donate other things such as clothing, toys or school materials, please contact the workgroup.

And if....

... you ever visit Nepal, drop in and visit us at the SHANGRILA HOME, as lots of other people already have done.

You’ll be made to feel very welcome !